Fulfillment in Life

Fulfillment in Life


This is My Best Healer Audio hypnosis recordings. You are about to listen to your own mind through my voice.


Fulfillment in Life audio Hypnotherapy is available now to download. 


You know that magic feeling, when you hear the music of a bird singing in the moring? This is a reflection of a secret between your ears just waiting to be discovered. Fulfillment Life audio Hypnosis is a treasure. Today, I want to give you one of those magical feelings. Download the Fulfillment in Life audio Hypnosis immediately.


Benefits of Fulfillment in Life audio Hypnosis:


- Discover the most powerful tool to turn on your brain’s ability to heal

- Get the little known secret to eradicate anxiety and calm depression

- Do this one thing before bed ELIMINATE insomnia and sleep like a champion

- Learn why your ears are the fastest route to boost energy, focus and memory


It is my highest hope that Fulfillment in Life audio Hypnosis to boost the brain & heal the body, and the secret it contains, will help you live with more health and joy than ever before.

This audio hypnosis recording is very similar to an in-person or online session with all the comforts of being at home in your warm & favorite place. The value ad with an in-person visit is that you receive a one on one evaluation and assessment that is tailored to your specific situation and needs. Thus, it gives you the ultimate results and success which is an important part of Hypnotherapy treatment. If you feel that you need more counseling in person or online, please click here to contact

Dr. Moghazy directly. 


Does audio hypnosis recordings work?

Absolutely, I believe this to be true which is why I created several audio hypnosis recordings that you can add to your daily routine.


How to use My Best Healer Audio Hypnosis recordings to achieve the best results:

1.      COMFORT - First make sure that you are in a comfortable position, sitting, standing, or lying down, it doesn’t matter how just as long as you are comfortable while you are listening to these recordings. **In my option the best position is to be sitting comfortably.

2.      BE OPEN - You don’t have to listen/understand every word I say, because your unconscious mind will understand everything and continue to help you even after the recording has ended.

3.      DOWNLOAD - It is an mp3 recording in which it is designed to be compatible with almost any listening device; computer, phone, laptop, or even tablets.

4.      OUTLINE - Just to give you an idea of what you will hear, it will start with a light induction, (this is preparing your unconscious mind to be open for good ideas and positive suggestions) at this point we are unleashing your full potential of healing.  At the end of each session, you will hear me waking you up and out of the trance. If for any reason you fall asleep during the session, (which is very common and okay) your physical body is giving you a signal that this was much needed. To fully awaken from the hypnotic state, I recommend for you to count out loud from 1 to 5 and at 5 say out loud, I am awake and fresh, calm, and relaxed. But don’t worry, you do not have to remember this as I will walk you through it in the recording.

5.      POST-HYPNOSIS - I recommend doing a soft and gentle stretch and to drink plenty of water. Water is an anchor, which means it grounds your energy and affirms your outcomes. This can lead to profound results!

6.      FOLLOW UP - If you struggle please do not be worried, I want you to know that I am here for you and available for your questions or concerns.

7.      WHAT’S NEXT - I recommend that you listen to My Best Healer Audio hypnosis recordings as many times as possible.  For best results, listen at least 3-4 weeks. Some receive results right away and others it can take several weeks before you notice a change.


What makes My Best Healer hypnosis audio special?

•       You have a direct line to me personally online at dr@mybesthealer.com. You can text or call as well at 303-810-8888.

•       Each audio hypnosis recording is uniquely designed by using The Quantum Medical Hypnosis (QMH) Technology to help you succeed.

•       Every recording is narrated by me (Dr. Ezzat Moghazy)

•       For my complete bio and qualifications, please visit www.mybesthealer.com


Investing in yourself and your health is priceless. Thank you so much for choosing me for being a part of your successful healing journey.


In-Person and Online Session

This is an in-person and/or Online session where you and I sit and talk about your concerns. During an in-person and/or Online session, we are tailoring your treatment plan. It is about an hour long and it is including extensive assessments and evaluation procedures. Starting with evaluating your heart rate variability and your cognitive behavior. In addition, I assess your suggestibility, which is an important part of your hypnotherapy session. After that, we are going through a very lengthy process of hypnotherapy induction and applying one of the most unique hypnosis techniques. This technique I have developed based on my doctorate research, where I have found that it is very effective and achieving fast and profound results. Furthermore, your homework reprogramming strategies are going to transform your life forever. For further details kindly, book your FREE phone consultation with me directly, so you can find out for yourself your best options. Book your appointment today.


Digital Hypnosis session

It is a prerecorded session that is designed to help with several conditions. Check it out on the digital library page


In this 33 minutes - Fulfillment in Life audio hypnosis, Dr. Moghazy is sharing with you the best gift you can ever ask for yourself and your loved ones.


Listening to this recording for 3-4 weeks is suggested to achieve a great outcome.


One time listening to this recording will not be enough, I also recommend for you to get in touch with me if you feel that you might need more assistance or support.




Dr. Ezzat Moghazy



Medical Disclaimer: Nothing on this website/audio is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical problems or medical conditions. The information contained on this website /audio is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended for the treatment, cure, diagnosis, or mitigation of a disease or condition. If you have any medical conditions or are taking any prescription or nonprescription medications, see your physician before altering or discontinuing the use of medications. Persons with potentially serious medical conditions should seek professional care. No therapeutic or medical claims have been implied or made.

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